The Midnight Side

"Bedtime reading for the brave"
The Times (London)
"A clever and engrossing chiller of a novel."
Manchester Evening News (November 2000)


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A phone call from the dead. Lucid dreaming. A ghost manipulating the London stock exchange. And a seductive woman who, even from the grave, is able to manipulate events to her satisfaction. Natasha Mostert's arresting debut is a haunting story of obsession and loss where even the dead have secrets.

Isa is not surprised by the late night telephone call from her cousin Alette — until she discovers the next morning that Alette has been dead for two days. Still grief-stricken by the death of her lover, Isa travels to her cousin's house in London where Alette has left behind three envelopes and a request. The envelopes contain instructions on how to bring about the financial downfall of Alette's former husband: a man who has made Alette's life a misery while she was still alive.

But as Isa sets out to fulfill Alette's last wish and exact revenge on her cousin's behalf, she is in peril. Unbeknownst to her, Alette was murdered, and now it is Isa's turn to be drawn into the killer's world of dark fantasy and lethal obsession.

"Classy, psychic thriller, full of frights and forebodings... an original, unsettling book, which kicks the usual preconceptions into shape and preserves its chill to the final line"
The Literary Review